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My Final Major Project is called ‘Piecing Myself Together 'and the theme of the project is based around body image. I decided to do a project based around body image because it is a topic that pops up on social media frequently and it is something that I am aware of myself. I saw that a lot of people are struggling with it too and I realised societies ideals of body image are something that needs to change. Body Image is the perception you have of yourself and others around you, and it can be both mental and physical.

I called 'Piecing Myself Together ' because I feel like when you destroy your body image and you have a negative body perception of yourself, you're taking yourself apart because you are looking at yourself in a negative way. Your pointing out things out about yourself that you don’t like, you're scrutinising everything, whether it be the way your stomach looks, stretch marks or acne on your face. If you are beating yourself up about something you can't control, then you are breaking yourself down. In that sense, when people start to perceive themselves positively, they are picking the pieces up and putting them back together to make themselves into a person who loves themselves.

Progression: Middlesex University London, BA (hons) Fashion Textiles and Design

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