The story of the game centres around a student that is teleported to a fantasy world, where a friendly old sage called Elyk told him that he need to defeat his worst enemies inside that world so he can go out, he realized that inside that world they gave him the power of a joker, a power that will allow him to beat his enemies. The main boss of each stage is based on real life people. The style of the game is Metroidvania, which applies to any game that incorporates the core gameplay ideas exchanged with the Metroid Series and subsequently Castlevania games as a subtype of action-genre, typically with Platform Game pieces.

Project I.N. – 2d side-scroller 16bit platform game.

The game was developed using the software Unity using the C# language and the lines of codes were created using VScode.

The art of part of the game was created using Asprite a software design for pixel art and pixel art animation.

Progressing to University of Hertfordshire