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FMP Fine Art installation

I researched female identity and explored central galleries in London. Compared to all the visits I went to; the Masculinities exhibition was the most helpful and inspiring because it related to my project specifically. Practicing my drawing and using myself as a feminist example has taught me a lot more about myself by observing my actions and changes. Utilising my body as a reference to my drawings and paintings has given me the knowledge to human anatomy, creating an overlap of layers of the body in one drawing. I admire realism in drawings as well as abstract, blurred paintings because they intend on generating a psychological effect on the spectator. Abstract art is more mysterious and reliant on the spectator’s view, whereas detailed, vivid art is more obvious and precise. However, the opposites are bold and just as powerful. Both Artists; Marlene Dumas and Cindy Sherman inspired me in many ways when it came to visual emotional expression and changing personalities. I used hair, objects, portraits, facial expressions, the nude body and roses to symbolise femininity and discuss the difficulties between gender society.


Taking a Gap Year

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