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My aim was to create my own fantasy story. There are a group of lost people trying to find their way around town. They all come from different backgrounds and situations. They end up getting themselves into debt, and have to find a way to pay it off and create a reputable name for themselves. I created concept art for the characters and then went onto creating a level which is based in one of the forests that they’ve come upon, and include my own 3D assets. By using Unreal Engine, it allowed me to use my own 3D models, and import different items from the marketplace, and create a really in depth level. I am also able to use online resources to get different textures to use within my level.  I am really inspired by D&D, and all the different races, classes and how you can create a world out of nothing.  

For the character design, I used Procreate and Photoshop. These softwares allowed me to use different painting techniques to create my characters and environments for the project.

Progressing to University of Brighton                               Portfolio

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