My vision for the project was a room with a fireplace full of cluttered furniture, both old and new. The surroundings of the room are old and worn, full of cobwebs and dust. The room was built back in the 1800s and is now bought by someone from the 1960s. The person moving in is a novelist who is searching for inspiration by living in an old and undisturbed mansion. The room is undergoing an overhaul with wallpaper being added, cardboard boxes full of new movables and personal items such as photographs and lockets. Drafts of papers are splayed over the floor, as well as vintage dolls, broken chairs and smashed mirrors.

It is a 3D scene of a Victorian room being modernised by a new owner from the 1960s era. Moving in new furniture, their personal effects in order to integrate them with the old items that belonged to the room, creates an eclectic mix of old and new.

The objectives are to create the assets for the room by using techniques such as modelling, Baking and Retopology, Texturing, UV editing and sculpting, these were all created using Blender and Photoshop software.


Progressing to Escape Studios

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