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FMP Interior Architecture Roof Terrace

My final piece idea was going to be A roof terrace on a hotel building. Inside the roof terrace would be a café/restaurant with an indoor garden. The materials that would be used are glass and steel. I decided on doing a roof terrace on a hotel in London because there are many businesses in London so therefore a lot of people need a place to stay while working and travelling. I wanted to create a roof terrace in London because I believe London can be very bleak.

I did not get to create the roof terrace model due to Covid 19 lockdown, but I did get to scale it and draw a floorplan. I feel that I have done a lot of model creations which could hopefully paint a picture as to what it could potentially look like. My theme was on all aspects of abstract nature but focused on natural textures, shapes and materials and my concept is interior design.


Taking a Gap Year

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