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Animation for Music Video

The concept of my project is movement and the different forms it takes. My aim by the end of the project was to recreate a frame by frame animation illustrating concepts of movement I had selected from my research. I researched artists that use movement as their core theme; with this in mind, I also researched how animators use movement in cartoons and Japanese anime. I also looked at how illustrators use movement in graphic novels, comics and manga, whilst using my contemporary research to expand on the idea of movement. Within the animation, I wanted to also explore surreal concepts, so I can merge my research in easily. Therefore, I also looked into concepts of change that I’ve taken from real life, in both people and objects. This, and the movement, are both presented through both digital and traditional art, so I could accurately represent the styles I was influenced by and the concepts I wanted to communicate as they will vary between both. I wanted the video itself to be fully immersive, through both visual and auditory stimuli. 

Taking a Gap Year

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