I thought Gene Kelly would be an ideal ambassador for my channel so I chose to feature him performing in the famous ‘Singing in the Rain’ scene, as the story for my ident. I chose this scene above all as the song would have instant recognisability for musical fans as well as the average channel surfer.

Layer 2 – I created a 3D exhibition space based upon the history of British architecture and interior design in the average household, throughout the past 100 years. This was created using 3DS Max.

Cinecals – an ident for a movie musicals themed channel. I chose this medium of entertainment as I believe it was not nearly as represented on TV as other film genres e.g. action or comedy films.

The ident was created using a range of software and various techniques such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, 3DS Max, Premiere Pro, Roto-scoping and Texturing.


Progressing to University of Hertfordshire