I have used the 3D modelling software Blender to create a Doughnut coffee shop environment.

It includes a large display case, an array of seating, and several doughnut props. I also used Adobe Spark to create my logo.

In terms of the furnishings of the Coffee shop I wanted to have consumer input on the matter. The aesthetic of the place should catch the eye and attract customers. To this end I decided to host a straw poll from a sample size of 10 of my peers. The overwhelming result was that people wanted to feel more at home in the shop, to give a more personal experience and to make you feel more at ease whilst you eat, or drink, or wait inside. I believe, the actual reason people tend to like rustic furniture is that it makes the environment around it feel rich with history, this is because the wood and stone often used is aged. I want the people who would be entering this doughnut shop to feel at ease, like their troubles can be solved by a hot drink and a warm snack, and that they can go out refreshed into the day after.

Progressing to Staffordshire University

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