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FMP Product Design Growing a Digital World
Due to lockdown, I was not able to create my final outcome to the extent I would have done due to my reliance on concrete and other resources. My final outcome was planned to be a handful of plant pots which were specifically designed for certain plants and also followed a digital aesthetic. I especially wanted to play with texture with my pots- using concrete to accentuate the idea that we are living in a growing digital empire. This was inspired by Kara Walker’s commission at Tate modern where she combined the idea of the British empire with black slavery to create unique connotations.


I had originally planned to present my outcomes as a ‘pop-up store’ in the exhibition, as this is not possible, I decided to make a website to present them instead- a somewhat online pop-up store. In this website I wanted the design to be quite primitive which is why I kept the font and colours simple and also essences of HTML tags in the writing. The idea of the website being simple stems from the plan to make the designs of the plant accessories reasonably simple, so the user/ viewer focuses on the texture in combination with the plant and design, rather than just the design.


Progressing to VFX Apprenticeship

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