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During my FMP, lockdown has had its own challenges on everyone, the amount of communication and dedication has uplifted this course. My FMP this year was based on the theme The Dark Forest, which I found reflected my garden. My garden is surrounded by darkness, but light found the mysterious beauty of nature. I choose this theme, as it opened the door to a world that my skills could be, as creative as possible. I was able to connect to my garden, day and night. This project is very personal to me, as I was able to find an escape, in one of the places I feared.


I explored the idea of overcoming fear, as fear consumes the strength to carry on. Understanding fear, then learning to overcome it, is one of the hardest problems. You just have to work around things, make positive changes and keep one foot in front of the other, just keep going forward. Most importantly; listen, laugh and enjoy your life in the present.

My FMP showed me that the commitment, time management and ability to work independently, are the key skills to success. The concept behind my FMP was to show a journey of mysterious creatures, made from natural elements, which roamed through a Dark forest of fear.

Progression: floristry, set design or teaching or could put undecided or gap year....

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