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Level 4 Apprenticeship: Visual Effects (VFX) Assistant Technical Director

What will I study?

This apprenticeship is focused on tool/coding development skills and finding technical solutions. Apprentices can work towards careers as Technical Directors in VFX. They will be able to specialise in technical direction in lighting, physical simulation and anatomy/movement in Animation upon the completion of their Apprenticeship.

What are the additional entry requirements for this course?

Individual employers will set the selection criteria, but this is likely to include A levels (or equivalent level 3 qualification) in an ICT or moving picture related subject. Most candidates will also have English and Maths at level 2 on entry. Some employers may also ask for an online portfolio, coding examples or the completion of a timed assessment.


Up to 24 months


In the work place and allocated time at our Soho centre.

possible careers

Assistant technical director.


"I was at my local sixth form college originally but I knew straightaway that it was not a good fit. The atmosphere was not fresh and I was not inspired. I did not want to see the same type of people that I had in secondary school, as I felt like I was reliving an old life. A friend of mine already went to the College and told me that it was amazing. I loved the Open Day where they advised me to gain more experience in software, so I started at Level 2 and will progress to Level 3 Animation & Games Design next year."

Alina Akther

UAL Games & Animation

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