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UAl Level 3

Creative Media

What will I study?


Learning VFX skills is a good investment in the future. The UK has a mature and growing visual effects industry – reckoned by Creative Skillset to be the biggest in Europe and possibly the second-biggest in the world. As well as the film, TV and games industries, the digital skills you will develop on the course are in strong demand in many creative jobs and in fields as diverse as interior design, medical imaging, fashion and the automotive industry.


VFX is a busy industry with plenty of opportunities. As well as developing a broad knowledge and awareness of key aspects of Creative Media Production, you will study specialist subjects like Visual Effects Practices, 3D Modelling and Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Cultures. You will develop critically important skills in teamworking, and using language that enables clear communication of concepts and day-to-day processes across the VFX spectrum. The course aims to provide you with the core skills and behaviours that are universally useful across all VFX departments, companies and specialisms.


What are the additional entry requirements for this course?


For students who have recently been in education, the entry profile is likely to include one of the following: A BTEC Level 3 qualification in Creative Media Production. A GCE Advanced Level profile that demonstrates strong performance in a relevant subject or adequate performance in more than one GCE subject.


This profile is likely to be supported by GCSE grades A* to C (or equivalent), and/or 9 to 4 (or equivalent) in subjects such as maths and English. Other related Level 3 qualifications. An Access to Higher Education Diploma awarded by an approved further education institution. Related work experience. An international equivalent of the above.



1 year



King's Cross Centre


"No one day is ever the same! We are currently doing an advertising campaign and we have to work on every aspect of it, from the script to producing the music. I am surprised at how much equipment the College had to help us film and edit the advert.


The best thing for me as well is that we have the opportunity to sample other courses like music production, even though that isn’t what we are studying. I can’t wait to see our finished product!"

Shaquilla Alexander

Creative Media Production

University of the Arts London
accredited courses


Many of our Music courses are accredited by the University of the Arts London (UAL). UAL Awarding Body is the only specialist art, design and creative industries awarding organisation in England. UAL works collaboratively with Colleges, employers and others to ensure we develop and award the best possible specialist qualifications.

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